Benefits of having a Fleet Management System?

Fleet management software can benefit any type of organizations with fleets of any size. Some companies may lookout for reducing cost, while others may be looking for enhanced safety features or some might be looking for accurate distance tracking. A fleet management system offers many benefits to fleet owners, operators, drivers, and their customers.

Driver Performance and Safety

With a GPS tracking system installed, drivers will be more accountable to driving more responsibly, will be less likely to push past appropriate speeds and the drivers will hesitate to take a shady route detour as their coordinates are being tracked in Real-Time and this will lead to a much safer trip. Also, a “Ride OTP Authentication” mechanism can eliminate fake duties and incorrect/fake distance reporting.

Reduced Expenses

Implementing a Fleet Management System will allow you to choose the best and Shortest routes for your vehicles and also this will help you reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs. With multiple tracking algorithms and complex fare calculation methodologies make this system almost impossible to trick.

Optimized Route Efficiency

As soon as a ride is assigned, a fleet management system fetches geo-location of the driver and intelligently calculates the fastest and most efficient route from the current location. The system uses complex algorithms and calculates the fare plan accordingly while calculating the distance traveled from garage-to-garage.

Improved Driver Efficiency

With a Fleet management System in action, proper route planning, and intelligent fare plan selection generates accurate bills and also tracking driver’s accurate location is allowed.  With improved driver monitoring system, the driver will be more cautious with his actions and will try to push him to his limits to deliver best of his work netting a greater number of trips and increasing revenue margins in the long-run.

Diminishing Fuel Cost

This is the largest savings a business will see once a Fleet Management System is implemented. Fuel savings are seen with better routing, less idling, improved driver behavior and exact reporting of pickup/drop coordinates. Also, a Fleet Management System will log geo-location of the vehicle and will allow you to analyze the routes taken by your driver. With this data, you will be able to make a comprehensive profit and loss analysis and allocate your budget accordingly.

Ease of use Features

An efficient Fleet Management System is just plug-in and Play and can be set up in a single day. The critical information such as data, vehicle status, driver behavior can be accessed easily with the help of a dashboard. Your fleet managers will be able to access the data from any time, anywhere on mobile devices or a desktop/laptop.

Reduce Paper Work

A Fleet Management System system will help your drivers, dispatchers, and managers away with all the paperwork. GPS System can automatically track and store the full details and present it in a user-friendly form. Also, there is no need to print/generate duty slips as they can be generated digitally and the customer can mark his ride completion signature digitally on driver’s smartphone itself. Thus completely eliminating the uses of paper.

FleetDesk is a Fleet Management System developed by Asterro Technologies which encapsulates all these above mentioned features.

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