How big is the market for Fleet management for commercial vehicles?

How big? Big is not enough when it comes to Vehicle Tracking / Fleet management for commercial vehicles. It’s huge! For now, at the beginning of 2019 we can’t define the precise number and how much will be invested in the Fleet management, but the one thing is assured that it will exceed billions of billions of dollars.

The auto industry is evolving, and so is fleet management. In each of the cases, technology is both the driver of change and also the solution to the issues that subsequently emerge.

Cloud-Based Fleet Management Platforms

Worldwide spending on cloud services in 2017 was projected to reach $107.2 billion, but that is with only moderate adoption levels. We might literally say that the sky’s the limit in terms of how the investment will change and more industries will opt for cloud-based solutions.

The major driver of the fleet management (vehicle tracking) market is said to be the growing need for adoption of cloud computing in fleet, operational efficiency, resulting in the increased demand for fleet management, thereby streamlining the fleet management uses, and declining hardware and connectivity costs, thus by leading to increased deployment of fleet management solutions.

Fleet Management and Software Development Trends

The role of the fleet manager is speedily changing. Data overload, expanding global supply chains, and encroaching connected car tech place substantial burdens on managers in order to change the way they work. When it comes to solutions, many are turning to fleet management system development providers.

Connected Car Integration

Fleet management information systems are incorporating telematics as a way to show how fleet vehicles are working or performing.

A platform that makes use of connected vehicles must be used with a fleet of connected vehicles. After all, since the majority of new vehicles will soon include the technology of connected car, it only makes sense for managers to pick and select solutions that embrace the technology. Also, about trends in Fleet management and software development, in this article, are examined the 5 ways in which fleet management software development is going to help fleet managers to perform their jobs.



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