How Does A Fleet Management System Work?

In transportation, there is an increasing need for the continuous surveillance of the vehicle fleets which can be solved by Fleet Management Systems. There are two categories of Fleet Management Systems, depending on the data location. If there is a recording unit in the vehicle and the recorded data are processed and evaluated afterward, it is called off-line Fleet Management System. When all the vehicles are connected on-line to a computer server over mobile internet, and real-time information and data evaluation is available, is called the online Fleet Management System.

A Fleet Management System can include many functions:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle tracking and diagnostic
  • Fuel management
  • Driver management
  • Tachograph management (Remote download)
  • Health and safety management

Example of an online Fleet Management System:

To begin with, Fleet management is the management of vehicles deployed by a cab rental company to track, manage and monitor their fleet. Here are some of the key features of a Fleet Management Solution:

  • Enable company owners to know the exact whereabouts and every movement of their fleet, without having to be physically present.
  • Ensure that a company has a reliable, efficient and cost-effective transport system which meets business operations.
  • Improve fleet productivity whilst also reducing costs and increasing profits.
  • Allow, micro level coordinate tracking to calculate accurate distance with almost negligible errors.
  • Ability to manually add additional running costs like highway tolls, parking tickets and more.

These are just some of the ideal features of a Fleet Management system and the system allows accurate GPS tracking (Geo-Coordinates) using GPS from smartphone installed inside the car and the system is designed to run perfectly even without a data connection. The system uses internal GPS of a device to capture GEO coordinates at pre-defined fixed intervals of time generating a geo-line on the map. A Fleet Management system generally uses multiple API services at once to track geo-coordinates so that the system does not miss even a single important coordinate.

An ideal Fleet Management System should track the routes and stops that drivers take and log each and every activity of a driver.

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